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11/30/09 Send Girl Scout Cookies to the U.S. Military!

Posted by normawoods on November 30, 2009

I learned something new from the Girl Scouts this week — it’s called Gift of Caring, and it is a project that allows individuals to purchase Girl Scout Cookies for the purpose of donation to one of three community service organizations:

  • Local food bank
  • Red Cross
  • Military troops

Customers do not take receipt of the cookies; the council will coordinate the delivery to the organization(s) that the customer selects from the list for their local area. In addition, customers will receive a donation receipt for their order.

Did you know you can buy Girl Scout Cookies to send to active military personnel? Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia’s Cookies from Home sponsorship program is a great way for you to send a taste of home and your personal message of encouragement to troops serving overseas. Cookies from Home sponsorship is also a terrific alternative for those who want to support Girl Scouts without actually purchasing the cookies for themselves, and is ideal for companies and corporations. By purchasing an extra box or case of Girl Scout Cookies, you’re not only supporting military troops, but after the cost of the cookies, 100% of the proceeds stay in the community to support Girl Scouting!
Just another way the Girl Scouts are involved in our communities!


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