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10/27/09 Girl Scout SWAPS

Posted by normawoods on October 27, 2009

SWAPS: Special Whatchamacallits Affectionally  Pinned Somewhere

SWAPS are a Girl Scout activity in which the girls trade homemade craft pins with each other as a way to promote friendship. A great time for a swap is right before an event or camping trip where there will be girls from other councils to trade with.

The SWAP tradition became very popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s when Girl Scouts gathered together for activities. The legacy continues today with the same outcome: When girls swap their pins, they make new friends, and that is what girl scouting is all about!

The pin can depict any object and can be made from any material. Pins fashioned from recyclable materials are especially popular.  There are very few restrictions, however, the pin should tell something about the girl or their troop. Many girls even include their address or email information with the pin so that they can correspond with one another.  A lot of the homemade pins represent the girl’s country, community, or council. This creative activity is a fun opportunity for Girl Scouts that allows them to building lasting friendships.

More information about SWAPS can be found at the Girl Scout organization’s website:

Examples of various homemade SWAP pins can be viewed at the following website:


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