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10/22/2009 Girl Scouts host food drive

Posted by normawoods on October 22, 2009

Girl scout troops through our area are taking part in food drives to help those in need.  Food drives are a wonderful way to give back to the community and these girls work hard to lend help in many ways.  Many of their volunteer efforts are behind-the-scenes, but for this venture, they received alot of visibility. As unfortunate as it is, many folks are unemployed or layed off and are going through very difficult times.  They depend on the free food they can obtain from food banks, so this is a very important community service effort.

The Girl Scouts in Swainsboro spent last Saturday morning packing meals and organizing the shelves at the Emanuel Food Pantry. They’re trying to log 500 hours of community service by the end of the year.

All the girls scouts in the area are trying to get one hundred thousand service hours by March 2012.  In helping with this project, the Emanuel Girl Scouts volunteer teamwork is counting towards the council’s goal.  As they are learning, ’tis far better to give than to receive!


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