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10/13/09 Girl Scouts-Dove Partnership Builds Self-Esteem

Posted by normawoods on October 13, 2009

     Developing a strong sense of self is one of the greatest benefits of participating in Girl Scouts.  Girl Scouting emphasizes courage, character and confidence, all of which are important attributes, especially for girls since they tend to be more reserved with regard to self-esteem.  These factors, plus many more that are developed through the scouting program, create exposure for the girls to a myriad of experiences and activities that teach them important life lessons.  These skills prepare them to become mature, responsible and well-rounded adult women.

In 2002, Girl Scouts teamed up with Dove to create the uniquely ME! THE GIRL SCOUT/DOVE SELF-ESTEEM PROGRAM, designed to foster self-esteem in girls, ages 8-17. This program has received positive results for helping girls feel better about themselves so that they are better prepared to deal with the many challenges they will encounter.   Of course, we all know what it’s like to wish for what we don’t have (i.e. if our hair is straight, we want curly hair; if we’re blonde, we want to be brunette or redheaded, the tall want to be short and vice-versa). 

     Recently on Facebook a video has been circulating of a model who goes in “plain Jane” and by the time they style her, digitally alter her neck, brows, cheeks, etc. and air brush the photo for the billboard, you hardly recognize her. We all need to remember that we are uniquely beautiful just as God created us.

     The importance of this program with Dove, however, lies with the fact that no matter what our physical body looks like, it’s who we are “inside” that really counts.  The Girl Scout organization should be proud of  their partnership in this wonderful program. In the long run, it benefits everyone when girls grow up to be mentally, physically and psychologically healthy.

You can read more about the uniquely ME! THE GIRL SCOUT/DOVE SELF-ESTEEM PROGRAM at the link below:


2 Responses to “10/13/09 Girl Scouts-Dove Partnership Builds Self-Esteem”

  1. ashleighmartin said

    Norma –

    I really enjoyed reading this blogpost. I think that the uniquely ME program is awesome. The ages 8-17 are very tough for girls. We’ve all been there and made it through but back then I know I wasn’t sure I’d make it through all the high school stuff that brought me down. Girls definitely need to remember that we are each uniquely beautiful. I am so glad the Girl Scouts created this program!

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